So I was explaining my gender-fluidity to my grandmother

  • Me: So sometimes I'm a boy, but sometimes I'm a girl.
  • Grandma: I have enough idiot granddaughters already
  • Me:
  • Grandma:
  • Me:
  • Grandma: But I also have enough idiot grandsons, so having an idiot who isn't really either one is kind of refreshing.
  • *then later*
  • My mom: Alex, can you come pick up these LEGOs?
  • Me: Yeah... *doesn't move at all*
  • Grandma: Katie, go pick up the LEGOs
  • Me: Yeah, alright *goes to pick up LEGOs*
  • Grandma: See, you addressed the boy, but I addressed the girl. Boys are lazy, girls get crap done.

In reference to the tongue-laden Nine/Rose kiss quote*


…I want to say two things. 

1. You might be able to convince me, some days, that the Doctor DID actually need to kiss her to remove the vortex. You will NEVER convince me that tongue was necessary.



(* this quote: “Captain Jack’s was brief…Rose and the Doctor’s was more lingering. Both quite wet, actually. But I like that. I like it when it’s very real, tongues and all…”)


Anonymous asked:

dirty confession: i'm a teacher and my ex had a teacher fantasy so i'd talk math formulas before we did the do and after a while I was curious so i said the quadratic formula in public and he automatically got a boner and we broke up because i thought it was really funny and wouldn't stop doing it

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